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An honor to be nominated…but I want to win!

Very happy to announce that my students from Spring 2013 created a documentary that is nominated for a College Production Award from the Mid-Atlantic Emmy Chapter.

Yeah, it’s not ACTUALLY an Emmy, so I can’t call it that… but hey, pretty close! I had nominations as a professional journalist, so it’s so cool that my students are just as good!

The ceremony is on my birthday, so what a great present if we win!

Faculty Adviser Award

Since this is my site, I will take the opportunity to brag on myself.  I am proud to be a first-place award winner for faculty advising, from the Delaware Press Association. I went on to national competition, and won second place from the National Association of Press Women as faculty adviser for a student media publication!

New Additions!

No, not to the family. To this site! I’ve added some brief bios to my titles of Professor, Journalist and Mother.

I plan to add pictures and more stuff. Maybe this summer, when I have more time.

Yeah, right.